Scattered Ashes Found on Disneyland Rides

Human Remains Found on Disneyland Rides So it’s a slow news week in the coaster world, but this story caught my eye on TMZ. Apparently, some park guests are scattering the ashes of loved ones on several Disneyland attractions. Last Friday, security cameras caught a woman dumping a white powder into the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. According to Al Lutz, who runs MiceAge, this h...[Read More]

Kids Banned from Busch Gardens for Griffon Stunt

Stunt Results in 2 Year Ban from Busch Gardens EuropeTwo college kids were banned from Busch Gardens Europe after they were accused of tampering with the park’s new roller coaster, Griffon. One of them was stuck in his restraint holding up the line and the two full trains waiting to be unloaded. Meanwhile, the other taped the incident with his cell phone. Sounds innocent enough until Busch r...[Read More]

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather to Improve AttendanceAlton Towers, located in Staffordshire, England, is home to a world-class roller coaster in the B&M invert Nemesis, and other notable coasters like Oblivion, Air, & Rita Queen of Speed. The park is also home to some pretty dreary weather. Their looking to change all of that with the same cloud seeding technology that China is usin...[Read More]

Girls Feet Cut Off @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Girls Feet Severed on Thrill Ride at Louisville Six Flags Needless to say, this season hasn’t been without its share of amusement park accidents. This most recent incident is by far the most gruesome. On Thursday, a 13-year old girl had her feet severed while riding Superman Power of Tower at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville. The Power of Tower is a drop ride that stands 177 feet tal...[Read More]

Crazy Wedding Promotion at Six Flags on 7/7/7

Get Married on the Luckiest Day Ever!I thought the roach eating promotion Six Flags did last season was strange, in a way this promotion is even weirder. Saturday July 7th, 2007 (07.07.07) is thought to be the luckiest day in history by the superstitious. People have been booking weddings for that date for years hoping that the luck would extend to their marriages. Obviously by 2007 that day is co...[Read More]

X Coaster Leaves Riders Hanging | Roller Coaster Accidents

X Coaster at Magic Springs Hangs Rider 150′ In the AirMagic Springs & Crystal Falls (Hot Springs, Arkansas) was the site of an unnerving scene on Sunday. A Maurer Söhne X-Car Coaster named X Coaster left 12 riders suspended upside down 150 feet up, when the park experienced a power outage. The riders were upside down for 30 minutes until firefighters were able to rescue them with a ladd...[Read More]

Mayhem at Atlanta Six Flags

Free Admission Promo at Six Flags Over GeorgiaTurns into a Massive DebacleWhat appeared to be a smart move to gain some positive press turned into the exact opposite. A local radio station, Q100.5, had bought out Six Flags Over Georgia and planned to give away free admission between 6 am and 9 am on Thursday April 5th. The promotion had people lining up as early as 3:30am, some even spent the nigh...[Read More]

NASA’s Coaster Escape System

Ares Program Will Use An Interesting Escape SystemNASA has announced that it will use a rollercoaster-like escape system for it’s new Ares space program. In the next few years NASA will retire its shuttle program and begin the new Ares rocket program. It will take the best of what NASA has learned from the Apollo and shuttle programs and will take man back to the Moon and eventually to Mars....[Read More]

TomKat & Dan Snyder Visit Six Flags America

How the Top 1% LiveI bet you never thought I’d be using one of those celebrity couple nicknames on this site. Earlier this month, Washington Post reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Monday Night Football Game at Fedex Field in Maryland. If you tuned into that game, maybe you remember the camera showing Dan Snyder with Tom Cruise up in the press box. Snyder is a slick entre...[Read More]

Eat Roach & Skip Lines @ Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas Serving Up Some Bad Theme Park FoodChalk this one up as one of the strangest park promotions ever. Dallas/Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram reports that park-goers can skip lines at Six Flags Over Texas by eating a roach. Not just any roach, but a 3-inch long Madagascar hissing cockroach. Down one of these crunchy babies and you get a Flash Pass for the rest of the day. I loved...[Read More]

Backyard Coasters

DIY Movement in the Coaster WorldThe Blue Flash is quite an achivement. It’s not only a backyard, home-made steel coaster, but it has a loop. I don’t want to know how the testing went for that loop or how many times it didn’t work. The creator’s even working on Blue 2, his follow-up to the Blue Flash. Blue 2 will be a family coaster and it will seat four instead of just one...[Read More]

Hulk Saves Woman & Chances of Dying on a Roller Coaster

The Flipside of Roller Coaster Accidents There’s been a lot of news lately about coaster accidents. You’re still a lot safer on a roller coaster than pretty much all other moving vehicles. It’s the percieved danger that makes it fun. In a car chances of death are 1 in 18,000 and in a plane chances of death are 1 in 350,000. You even have a better chance of dying from parts fallin...[Read More]

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