The Coaster Critic Heads West

The Most Extreme Theme Park on the PlanetI’m taking my first coaster trip to the left coast. California’s known for Disneyland, but it’s also home to what’s possibly the most extreme theme park anywhere, Six Flags Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain boasts 15 roller coasters with an another one, Terminator, coming in 2009. Just a few years ago, the SoCal park had more coasters t...[Read More]

2009 Roller Coaster News & Rumors

UPDATE – For the most up-to-date 2009 coaster news check out Top Ten Coasters for 2009 List. Confirmed Roller Coasters & Rumors for 2009 Kings Island will be getting a B&M hyper coaster for 2009. Construction has been pretty apparent even though no official announcement has been made. The layout which first appeared in First Drop magazine last November looks great. It will ride off i...[Read More]

Terminator Coaster Coming to Magic Mountain

New Wooden Coaster to have a Terminator Theme?UPDATE 10/23 – Six Flags Announces Details of the Terminator Coaster For a while now there have been confirmed mentions from Six Flags that Magic Mountain will get a new Great Coasters International (GCI) wooden coaster in 2009. Apparently at an American Coaster Enthusiast conference, Mark Shapiro CEO of Six Flags spilled the beans about the new ...[Read More]

Riders Stranded on Knotts Berry Farm Ride

Riders Stranded on Sky Cabin at Knotts Berry FarmThe sky cabin is a 225-foot observation tower at Knotts Berry Farm near Los Angeles. Sunday night, 24 passengers were stranded on the ride when it was about 50 feet above the ground. Firefighters rescued the riders after a 2 hour scare. No injuries were reported. More at the LA Times. Have you ever ridden the Sky Cabin at Knotts? Have you ever been ...[Read More]

Fire at Universal Studios Hollywood

Large Fire at Universal Studios HollywoodThis morning, a large fire started blazing its way through Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The fire began in a movie studio, but has also damaged the popular Cyclone ride in the theme park. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported yet. I’ll have more details as the story develops. More at Reuters. UPDATE – Westcoaster.n...[Read More]

X2 Opens at Magic Mountain

X2 Officially (Re)Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain Rob Alvey from ThemeParkReview was at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 Media Day. X2 is the much anticipated ‘remix’ of X, the world’s first 4th dimension coaster. I smell another Coasterology 101 post. Six Flags promised the special effects and new trains would really add to the experience. According to Rob, it sounds like t...[Read More]

Mariah & Nick Take Over Six Flags Magic Mountain

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Buy Six Flags For the Night Even celebrities can’t resist roller coasters. This week, newlyweds Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey bought out Six Flags Magic Mountain for a private party. If you’re thinking of doing the same for your next get together, you better have $250,000 laying around, because allegedly that’s what it costs. I doubt Tom and Kate Cru...[Read More]

Pony Express @ Knotts and MotoCoaster @ Darien Lake

Both Coasts Get Zamperla MotoCoasters in 2008Zamperla will be bringing their motocoasters to the U.S. in two different installations. MotoCoaster at Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY will be a stock installation with bikes that riders will mount. Staying in step with Knotts Berry Farm’s western theme, the Pony Express will feature horses. ScreamScape has a real picture of the horse trains. The r...[Read More]

Video of X2 Trains at Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 TrainsRobb Alvey from Theme Park Review has posted a video tour of the new X2 trains. X was the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster. Instead of riding above or below the track, riders are positioned beside the track in seats that spin. This summer X will be reborn as X2. Part of the redesign involved upgrades to the ride’s trains. Recently, Ro...[Read More]

Scattered Ashes Found on Disneyland Rides

Human Remains Found on Disneyland Rides So it’s a slow news week in the coaster world, but this story caught my eye on TMZ. Apparently, some park guests are scattering the ashes of loved ones on several Disneyland attractions. Last Friday, security cameras caught a woman dumping a white powder into the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. According to Al Lutz, who runs MiceAge, this h...[Read More]

Pony Express @ Knott’s Berry | 2008 Coasters

Pony Express to be World’s First Horse Coaster?The announcements for new roller coasters just keep on coming. Yesterday, Cedar Fair released a press release detailing the $88 million dollars in expenditures for 2008. Most of the additions were old news. The $21 million investment for Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland is the highlight, but it also mentions Thunderhawk at Michigan’s ...[Read More]

Great America Gets New Coaster, New Name

Great America Gets New Lease on Life After rumors of selling Great America to Cedar Fair to the San Francisco 49ers, Cedar Fair did a complete 180. On the 25th, the company announced that via a press release that Great America will be renamed California’s Great America starting next year. At least this will help avoid any confusion with Six Flags Great America near Chicago. Also in 2008, the...[Read More]

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