Superman - Ride of Steel | Six Flags New EnglandTop Ten Roller Coasters
As most roller coaster enthusiasts, I’ve got a top ten. Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa is probably my all-time favorite, but the list below includes the absolute best roller coasters of the 250+ that I’ve ridden.

Top Ten Roller Coasters
1 Bizarro (Superman) at Six Flags New England (Springfield, MA)
A Heroic Hyper Coaster That Lives Up to Its Lofty Reputation

2 El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)
A Landmark Wooden Coaster That’s Packed with Airtime

3 Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg, VA)
A Super Smooth Airtime Adventure

4 Beast at Kings Island (Kings Mills, OH)
A 5 Minute Long Epic Ride Through the Ohio Wilderness

5 The Voyage at Holiday World (Santa Claus, IN)
A Real ‘Voyage’ That’s an Intense Marathon of Thrills

6 Tied New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX)
The Reborn Texas Giant Is An Airtime Thrill Machine

6 Tied Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg, VA)
A Fighter Jet-Like Ride on the King of Inverted Coasters

8 Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa (Tampa, FL)
A World-Class Inverted Coaster in an Egyptian-themed Environment

Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa (Tampa, FL)
An Ultra-Smooth & Twisted Steel Masterpiece that Interacts with a Lush Tropical Terrain

10 Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO)
A Unique Wooden Coaster with an Action-Packed, Looping Layout

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