Dark Knight Roller Coaster Blueprints Emerge


Batman Dark Knight Roller Coaster BlueprintsDark Knight Roller Coaster - Six Flags
Details of the Dark Knight coasters opening at Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America, & Six Flags New England have been sparse. Thanks to RCDB we know that the DK coasters will be indoor versions of a wild mouse coaster similar to this one at a park in France, that’s really all that’s been released. Coaster-Net has posted photos of blueprints and diagrams for the new Batman Dark Knight roller coasters. They can be seen on a message board here.

**UPDATE** – Check out this teaser video that Six Flags just released.
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  1. The Coaster will have a similar design to Schlitts' Express:Schlitt'Express(Mack Rides)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM5yweo_QQEFor an example of what The Dark Knight will be in the Dark including special effects, theming, and overall dark ride experience check out the link below(The Spooky Coaster has an elevater lift instead of tunnel lift):Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster(Mack Rides)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a5CKyS6QKE

  2. I went on this rollar coastor ttoday the day it came out and it is like okay didnt meet upto expectations that it was leading to but yeah only has about one steep downhill thing and thats bout it…but its worth going on

  3. Rode the coaster a few days ago. Went to the ride as soon as the park opened, so I didn't have a wait. I absolutely hated the ride. I am so glad that I didn't have to wait in a line, or I would have been furious!While the opening video presentation to get to the ride is enjoyable, the ride itself left me thinking "Is that it? Really?" Don't waste your time.

  4. I went on the coaster in IL and it was a total dissapointment! They all said "plunge into total darkness" yeah plunge a whole 5 feet into semi-darkness. It was basically "Rajun Cajun" in the dark (that wasnt really that dark) If it's a really short line, i guess you could try it but if you're a thrill junkie, dont even bother.

  5. the ride was horrible! im not one of the people who got there early so i waited… man it was an hour and a half!!!! the wait gets you pumped up (mostly the news clip). I would have been on superman or raging bull before i got on the dark ragin' cajun! the ride is meant to take u along different scenes that are poorly lit and u go too fast to see them. PLZ DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

  6. THIS RIDED SUCKED!!!!!!!!! I waited 2hrs in line for a kiddy rided. What the hell….I was expecting something bigger and faster. I felt like it was a fun house ride from the local carnival, that comes to town. Don't even bother going, unless you can get there early enough or have the fast forward pass. It is not worth the wait at all. I wish I read the reports on line before going. The only cool thing about this ride is in the short video you watch before going on the ride is that, they got the actor who played harvey dent in the dark knight to appear in the video. Trust me if you want a cool batman ride, stay with the orignal…

  7. A$$.. I got more enjoyment out of the drive to the fun park! My 'Flash Pass' paid off, in the respect that I didn't waste 2 hours waiting in line, I only wasted about 5 minutes in line, 5 minutes watching the pre-video, and 1 minute on the coaster.


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