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Manta Coaster Officially Unveiled | SeaWorld 2009Manta Flying Roller Coaster - SeaWorld Orlando
While the concept art and name had already been leaked to the Internet, this morning SeaWorld officially announced the details of the new Manta roller coaster. Manta will be a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster reaching heights of 140′ and speeds up to 60 mph that will open in Summer 2009. Flying coasters feature trains where riders are secured in a face down flying position with the track overhead.

Manta will be 3,359 feet long and will feature four inversions. The splash effects seen in previous concept art will be achieved via water jets. It looked like the wings on the Manta-themed trains actually dip into the water to create a splash, but that’s not the case.

Manta Coaster Concept Art - SeaWorld OrlandoThis is a great choice for a marquee attraction for SeaWorld. Not only will they have the only flying coaster in Florida, but SeaWorld will boast a truly unique attraction that will be well-themed and immersive. It sounds like Manta will be integrated with an entire sting ray exhibit. The Orlando Sentinel Blog reports on the animal integration:

“Floor-to-ceiling windows will provide encounters with 300 rays, as well as thousands of fish and other creatures native to oceans all over the world. Shark rays, spotted eagle rays, leopard rays, cownose rays, and oscillate river rays float past guests with fluidity and grace in a view new to SeaWorld. Elaborate lighting, sound and rushing waterfalls further will submerge guests into the experience.”

UPDATE 9/20 – Read more about SeaWorld Orlando’s new Manta including details of the new photo contest.

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