Superman Ride of Steel Goes Bizarro?

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Superman Versus BizarroFor the most popular super hero of all time, Superman has the absolute worst villians. His best villain is easily Lex Luthor and he’s just a criminal mastermind constantly after real estate (see the plots for the Superman, Superman 2, and Superman Returns movies). So as Six Flags New England announced an upgrade for the best steel roller coaster on the planet, then repainted it purple and created a faux-company site called Clawshun Industries, all signs pointed to a Lex Luthor-themed coaster.

Now, SFNE Online has uncovered the new theme via a Dunkin Donuts coupon. Apparently, Superman Ride of Steel will be re-themed as Bizarro. If you’ve never heard of Bizarro, don’t worry, you’re not alone. He’s apparently the product of a dupliation ray experiment gone wrong. You know how those can go. I remember him from the 90’s Superboy live action tv shows. He could match Superman in strength, but had much lower intelligence. He had white, rocky skin and Superman costume with a backwards ‘S’. There better be quite a pre-show experience because I doubt most of the general public will have any idea who he is since he hasn’t been featured in any of the films.Bizarro Superman @ Six Flags New England | Dunkin Donuts Coupon

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the new Bizarro Superman theme? Also, check out my full Superman Ride of Steel review to see why it’s my top-rated roller coaster. Leave a comment below.

UPDATE – Read all about the Bizarro Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure>>>

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  1. i cant belive they renamed it. im so pissed.

    R.I.P. Superman.

    • At least theres superman in SF America. It stunk, though. That park stinks, too. Thaey should scrap that park and SFKK to give coasters to other SFs, like SFNE or SF Lake George.




  3. I went to the press event earlier today for Bizarro and was rather disappointed. The ride is basically Superman with lots of gimmicks and less comfortable trains. There was no change to the layout of the track but Six Flags added a bunch of what looks like cardboard cutouts and a fire element that was the only good addition but only worked on 1 of my 4 rides. The trains are the major change to the ride that make a difference. I would go to say that they are some of the most uncomfortable train cars I have been on. Note for tall people, sit only in the front of the two rows of the car. Even then the train lapbars do not sit right and the space for feet is severely limited. The sound added to the train was somewhat enjoyable but nothing to improve the ride that much. With Superman I would have been willing to go there and ride that ride all day but now I don't plan on riding it unless the line is 15 minutes. I am really disappointed that Six Flags did this to such a great ride.

  4. Is six flags aware of how dumb this is?

    Why this was a stupid move:

    1.It is the world's NUMBER ONE coaster. NO need for improvement.

    2. Bad trains.

    3. Boring AND expensive themeing. Waste of money.

  5. Some of you may not know this, but Six Flags recently filed for bankruptcy protection. As a result of this, they were forced to cut costs all around substantially. From what I heard, they were paying quite a hefty sum for the licensing rights to be able to use the Superman name and image. Due to the cutbacks they didn't renew their licensing agreement and therefore had to change the name of the coaster. Hope this clears up some confusion for some people.

  6. About the above comment from Shauna, arent there still Superman rides out in other parks? what about the flying Superman rides? Those did not change names, and the other Superman did not change names.

  7. Danny, there are about 5 billion rides with the name Superman. I dont think thats going to happen. Shauna is lying

  8. Well, the tunnel is cool, but you can't see the picture unless your in the front seat and you don't have time to see what it is. The houses are cool but you forget them soon after you see them. The superman "s" things you go though is the same as the houses, you forget them. The flames and the mist are the only things you really notice. So I would say better, but only slightly.

  9. I have the slightest chance on riding this ride later this summer. I doubt that i will have the chance, but there is like 1 in a million chance i will go. So if i ride this ride, ill give my own little review on this ride

  10. like i said before: FUN RIDE!

  11. well i hope its a fun ride! Well lots of people say it is so let me say it wont let me down!

  12. Matthew, no attacks on other commenters please.

    I agree with the group though, Six Flags has many DC Comics-themed rides. And even many Superman-themed rides so if they lost the licensing or ability to use that name they'd have to change the other 9 or so Superman coasters too. Unless they pay on a per-ride basis. You never know I guess.

  13. Um why couldn't this be themed after Brainiac or Darkseid? Those 2 are actually good villians. Or hell , turn it into a Green Latern or Flash themed coaster…ugh.

  14. the bizzaro ride is really the super man i am sure i went to sixflags and saw redpaint coverd with the purple on top

    they just made the superman go underground with fog and added fire shooters while on the ride you will se fire pop out the just want you to spend your money more to go on the bizzaro witch is really superman to make more people come

    its a piece of crap if you ask me thats a scam i mean its no better than the superman they only added fire shooters and make you go under ground i mean it sounds fun but dont fal for there scams go on it for all i care!

  15. you meany bo beany leave dem alone

  16. Superman: Ride of Steel used to be my favorite all-time coaster. I consider myself a coaster fanatic and have been to a great many theme parks and ridden on many, many roller coasters. The new theming elements didn’t do anything for me one way or the other, but I have to agree with some previous posters…WHY CHANGE/”UPGRADE” THE #1 COASTER IN THE WORLD?? Uncomfortable lap restraints, higher seats, and an extra car to accommodate the stupid audio all contribute to this coaster’s decline. After I got off the train (the back seat, second only to the very front) I didn’t even want to ride it again. I’m very disappointed in the decision to re-theme, and ultimately ruin, this once great coaster.


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