Kennywood’s 2010 Coaster Dubbed Sky Rocket

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Sky Rocket to Blast Off from Kennywood in 2010Sky Rocket Coming to Kennywood in 2010
Rumors about the name of Kennywood’s 2010 roller coaster have been confirmed as today the park announced that it will be called Sky Rocket. To recap, the new roller coaster was designed by launch coaster pioneers Premier Rides. They’re responsible for coasters like Flight of Fear, the Italian Job Stunt Coasters, and the insanely popular Revenge of the Mummy coasters. With that kind of track record, the new ride should be strong.

My Take on the Name: Sky Rocket
It’s not a bad name, but not too original either. The name does reflect that it’s a launch coaster as it will boast a 0 to 50 mph launch in 3 seconds. And, Sky Rocket is not a common name, at least not these days. Nine “sky rockets” are in the Roller Coaster Database, but they’re all from many decades ago.

Watch the POV/off-ride video.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the name Sky Rocket for Kennywood’s new coaster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. This looks really cool. What adds sweet icing to the cake is that there won't be over the shoulder harnesses, only lap bars! As for the name, it does kind of fit in with the old fashioned style of Kennywood. When I think of the name "Sky Rocket," I think old….

  2. i like the name, has a nice ring to it.

  3. A friend of mine had submitted the name, "Pittfire." I kept my fingers crossed for him, but it was not to be. If I'm down that way this weekend, I'll try to snap some photos.

  4. Sky Rocket. Sounds more lika a name that would be given to an Intamin Strata-coaster.

  5. Looks awesome. Does anyone know the exact date it opens instead of 'spring 2010'?

  6. Kennywood's opening day is May 8, so it won't be BEFORE that. Things were progressing quickly until we got hit last weekend with over 2 feet of snow. It's still snowing now, so who knows when things will thaw enough for them to continue working on Sky Rocket.

    • that can`t be good.

  7. So is the construction finished now or not? just wondering we r ging to go in a week and I really want to ride the "Sky Rocket"

  8. Looks pretty cool.

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