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I went to Plaza Fiesta with my family about a week ago. It’s an indoor shopping mall with a huge kids play area and arcade. It just so happens to be located across the street from Carowinds. So, while we were there I ran across the street and took a few pictures of Intimidator from a far. These aren’t the greatest ‘construction’ photos, but it’s still a look at the coaster before it’s open.

Intimidator’s So Tall it Can Be Seen from Another State!
Okay, so Carowinds actually straddles the North Carolina/South Carolina border. So it’s obvious that you’d be able to see Intimidator from another state, but  you really can see the 232′ tall roller coaster miles from the park. As we headed south towards the park on I-77 we could see that massive red track on the skyline probably about four or five miles away. It may benefit from sitting on a slight hill, but Intimidator is intimidating nonetheless.

Hyper coasters are nothing new to me or many other hard core coaster enthusiasts, but you forget just how BIG 200-plus feet is until you’re standing in front of it. There’s no terrain or trees hiding it. It’s just right there near the front of the park dwarfing Carowinds’ other rides like Afterburn and Nighthawk. I can’t imagine how tall Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 will look like in person.

There were no trains on the track, but I did spot someone standing on the brake run as we left. Aside from just looking big, it looks like it should offer a ton of airtime like most other B&M hyper coasters. I’m excited to try out the new seats with their staggered design (seen here in the photo gallery). I’d imagine that you feel really ‘out there’ even more than you already do on B&M trains.

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Also, check out the official Intimidator site for better construction pictures, a webcam, wallpapers, and more information. And read my first impressions on the annoucement of Intimidator at Carowinds.

UPDATE 2/6 – Test run videos are starting to surface. There’s almost no doubt that Intimidator should open with the park on 3/27! Check out this Intimidator Test Run Video:

What’s Your Take?
Are you excited about Intimidator at Carowinds? How do you think the test run video looks? Leave a comment below.


  1. Oops. I accidently turned comments off on this post. Please comment away. 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s what happened! Everyone makes mistakes. BTW – Nice Picture! Hope I232 is as airtime-filled as say, Apollo’s Chariot!

    With I232 opening, the NASCAR HOF opening this year as well, I bet Charlotte and Concord are going to be PACKED when the Coca-Cola 500 rolls around.

    • coca-cola 500?

      • The Coca-Cola 500 is NASCAR's big race here at Lowes Motor Speedway, here in the Charlotte-Concord area.

        • thanks for the info CFC.

          • oh, and sorry about the double comment, but when is it. i`m wondering in case if i ever go down during it. the waits would be so darn long!

          • Thank you, and I'm not sure when it is. I was just informing you all about it.

          • the coca cola 500 is 5/30/2010 Sunday, 5:45 PM. And I got some pics of Intimidator from the south entrence if you want them. I'm thinkin about puttin them on youtube. My account name is mbs1016 and so far I only have one coaster vid. Feel free to add me if you want!

  3. Looks sweet. Carowinds is a sweet park but doesn't really have anything to drool over. This will help the guest count.

    • no doubt about that.

  4. Looks cool. I really need to get to Ohio soon. But this has so much publicity now, when it opens the lines will be AT LEAST 3 hours. Probally more 🙁 . I predict this is going to get rave reviews though. 🙂 . I also need to have a REAL pov on this. 😐 I'm tired of the animations!!!

    • Not really. I went today, and the wait was maybe 30 minutes. The line moves VERY fast.

  5. Me too. I'm tired of them and want to see a real video. But they're still finishing up the details, and can't test it just yet. We'll just have to be patient.

    BTW, as a prediction, I think I232 will be fifth or sixth, just a step below Diamondback, as D-Back seems to have a slightly more interesting layout. As for I305, well… I hope it makes the Top 25!

    • i think I305 may be a little bit higher, possibly top 15?

      • Well… Maybe. I was just putting the shorter drop and smaller track into consideration. Remember, MF barely made the Top 10.

  6. Sorry for the double comment, but on my previous one I am talking about Mitch Hawker's Internet Poll.

  7. the coaster made its first test run today!

    • Thanks for the heads up JaMeS. A test run video has been added!

  8. ARE YOU SERIOUS, JAMES?!?!?!?!?!?!


    • say hello to some new videos!….and an un-delayed opening!

    • im serious 🙂

      • 🙂 too.

  9. When does Carowinds open? I want to go on the first day it opens, but I don't know what that day is.

    • Carowinds opens Saturday, March 27th from 10 AM to 8 PM. Here's the full schedule.

      • Let`s start guesseing wait times on the first day. I`ll guesse 2hours first day and 4 hours or up the second.

  10. Carowinds likely won't be too crowded on Opening Day, but most will be heading for Intimidator, so my guess is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    • My guess is 1 hour 45 minutes on opening day, and 3 hours on day 2.

      • good guesses people, any more guesses?

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