Green Lantern Coaster & The Coaster Crown Are Coming to Magic Mountain

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Three New Roller Coasters for Magic Mountain in 2011
Six Flags Magic Mountain has tipped their hand via a YouTube video that touts their 2011 plans. Not only will they complete the delayed Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster, but they’re also going to reinvent Superman The Escape, and add a Green Lantern roller coaster.

Green Lantern: A Compact 4th Dimension Roller Coaster
The coaster geeks have known about the Intamin Ball Coasters (AKA ZacSpins) for years. I picked Kirnu at Linnanmäki as one of the Top 3 International Coasters of 2007. But, these compact 4th-Dimension roller coasters haven’t made it to the States until now. The only three in existence are in Spain, Sweden, and Finland.

Green Lantern Roller Coaster - Six Flags Magic Mountain 2011

This little disorienting ride ties into the 2011 Green Lantern feature film starring Ryan Reynolds and also falls in line with Six Flags’ habit of sharing coaster names. On the other coast, sister park Great Adventure is re-theming Chang to become their own Green Lantern coaster.

Not New, But Superman The Escape Gets An Interesting Update
As you can see in the video, Superman The Escape is getting a much needed paint job. More importantly, the cars are going to be turned around so that the launch will be experienced backwards, but the 328-foot drop back to Earth will be experienced facing forward. Superman broke down while I was in line for it, so I just missed riding it. I’ll be interested to see what people think of it when it reopens in version 2.0.

The Coaster Crown Moves from Ohio to California
Six Flags wasted no time touting that they’ll be the new undisputed Coaster Capital with more roller coasters than any other amusement park on the planet. This is pretty much a shot across the bow at the only other park to have the title in recent memory, Cedar Point. Whether the title will actually lead to an up-tick in attendance is another question. I would imagine they’ll get more long distance visitors, but are Southern Californians going to be more likely to frequent the park because it has three (really, two and a half) more roller coasters? Also, how long will it take for the park to get its new title out there? Unless they rename the park Six Flags Coaster Capital, most of the general public will likely still think of Cedar Point as that park in the Midwest with the most rides in the World.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Magic Moutain’s new coasters for 2011? Leave a comment below.


  1. I think it will be VERY interesting what Cedar Point does in 2012.


  2. It's about time they make another run at it! I can't wait to try the first zacspin on this side of the planet, it looks crazy. Hopefully the ots restraints don't hinder the insane floating air time of Superman, otherwise it'll be a great update to what's still essentially a one trick pony, though it's a pretty good trick. The one real bummer is that the new family coaster is basically the same as Gadgets GoCoaster down the road in Disneyland, seems short sighted.

  3. I think it stinks! There are Six Flags parks in the United States that have removed a lot of rides of the years, never replaced them and have not added a new coaster in 10 years. To build 8 roller coasters in 11 years at one park, then turn around and not add new rides and coasters to others parks is a slap in the face to the chains guests.

    • I agree!!! The Great Escape in New York is in desperate need of more coasters/anything, Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo California could use a couple coasters, SFSTL just needs 1 or 2 intense coasters then its good for a while, SFNE could use one after this year's new addition, and Fiesta Texas might need another. The out of country parks could use a few, but besides that I hope Six Flags stops splurging on Magic Mountain and New Jersey. Magic Mountain doesn't deserve the crown as the most coasters.

      • The great escape get's plenty of visitors. It's small, but millions of people go there everyday. There's still room for one or two larger rides, (or kiddie sections, god forbid) and the park has a saisfactory lineup. Six Flags America has a great lineup, but about the same amount of people come to the park. it's about three times the size of the Great Escape.

        • Good point! I just think that The Great Escape deserves one big coaster, the fastest coaster in the park only goes 50mph (according to the six flags website). Good thing the parks get many visitors!

          • The Comet is the fastest ride at the Great Escape. It is also one of the only rides ever to earn the #1 ranking in the Mitch Hawkers roller coaster poll two years straight. It won the first MHpoll ever made, as well as the second, and remained in the top ten for ten years straight, and like the pheonix, it's stats can be decieving. It's easily the best ride at the park. I tried to post a review of it on the forum, but it never processed correctly. I may re-try sometime soon.

      • I agree with both of you so much! SF Great America got a new dark knight coaster not too long ago, but that ride is a waste of time! It's time parks other than SFMM get some great new coasters.

    • I agree they should spread the wealth and there are parks like Great Escape and Six Flags America that desperately need new coasters, but keep in mind Magic Mountain sits in one of the most highly competitive markets in the world with major new attractions opening in 2011 and 2012 thoughout SoCal.

    • SixFlags Magic Mountain is one of the most if not the most profitable Sixflags parks. The weather is SoCal is condusize to the park being open quite a bit of the year. It makes sense to keep the inovations coming.

  4. Seriously? Two 4-D coasters in the same park? Hopefully Cedar Point will retake the crown in 2012. I think they could use a flying coaster if there's any room left on that peninsula, as well as something else to make the count 19.

  5. I'm hoping one of the trains will remain facing forward, because the expeirience will be a little limited if you can only ride Backwards. It could also speed up the queue, depending on wich one you want to ride.

  6. We're getting an intamin Zac Spin in the U.S., yes but Magic Mountain already has a 4-D coaster X2. I wonder what the new theme for the Delayed coaster will be.

    • i just realizaed that, what's the point of addind a 4-D to a park tha already has one?

  7. While adding 2 new coasters to the park (well, new…) is a good thing, the things they are adding aren't the ones that will make every coaster nut go crazy.

  8. Yeah, these two parks have been vying for the title as long as I can remember. SF has one thing on its side, though – land. Cedar Point's basically an island, and they are almost out of space. Meanwhile, SFMM has much more land surrounding the park, and if the circumstances permit, they can buy more land to expand the park. Cedar Point's surrounded by water, so it's at a natural disadvantage there. Sooner or later, it'll be out of room, so now that SFMM is ready to take the coaster count lead, it's likely to stay that way for a while.

    • Unless another large park takes it's place…

    • Sixflags owns a lot of the vacant land surrounding the park also. Expansion isn't much of a problem. They have also at times expanded into their own parking lot with 2 no 3 coasters. Many years ago Colossus was built out into the lot. Then Screem was built out into the lot but I believe Screem was a coaster transferred from another park. (The commercials for it that year showed a lot of grass surrounding it which is not the case in reality so they used old footage). Next came Goliath which is partially built on top of/in the middle of Colossus and also out in the parking lot.

  9. does anyone know what the que time is for the zacspin coasters? It seems like since the cars are so low capacity that the wait could get pretty long.

    • 800 riders per hour. Zac-Spins have several cars to load/unload at the same time with no apparent transfer track. But, intamin always has low capacity compared to B&M.

      • Intamin's trains usualy load faster, and they tend to put out two trains at a time.

  10. CEDAR POINT is the best. It has better QUALITY coasters than SFMM. IT holds the title 4 the most no. of coasters which exceed 200 feet- the force, dragster, Magnum and the Twister

  11. I rode Green Lantern was a huge let down. Not an entertaining ride at all. If they would have added a newer version of Maverick or added a winged flyer they would have been better off. Magic Mountain has a nice collection of coasters, but it's a vastly inferior park to Cedar Point.

  12. I don’t think Green Lantern(SFMM is one of my home parks) will stay for long too reminiscent of Flashback and I think Deja Vu, too jerky. Even ride operators complained about it. They need to give it up, looks cool on paper but not practice

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