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Gotham City Gauntlet’s Coming to Six Flags New England
Three years after Six Flags New England was to open (and later cancelled) their last roller coaster, the park is about to open Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum. Like the Dark Knight coaster that was planned for the park, Gotham City Gauntlet will be a wild mouse coaster. Unlike that ride, however, GCG will be a pretty standard looking outdoor ride while Dark Knight was an indoor ride that received some of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen on the blog. The angry mobs expressed their disappointment with the Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Great Adventure rides on these posts: Dark Knight Roller Coaster Blueprints Emerge & Dark Knight Coaster Opens at Great Adventure

Why Gotham City Gauntlet Could Be Better Than The Dark Knight Coasters
Fast forward to today and Six Flags New England will get its wild mouse, albeit a less themed outdoor version in Gotham City Gauntlet. I have to think that Dark Knight received such horrible reviews because riders didn’t really know what they were in for. With theming amped up to such a high level, for Six Flags anyway, guests likely thought they were in for an amazing or at least an intense ride. That won’t be a problem with GCG as guests will be able to see just what they’re in for. In that way, Gotham City Gauntlet will be a better overall ride for the average park goer. No one likes to be disappointed. Especially after a lengthy weight.

Gotham City Gauntlet Coaster - Six Flags New England

Gotham City Gauntet is a bit of a strange choice for a new ride as Six Flags New England already has a compact family coaster in Mr. Six’s Pandemonium. At least that ride has spinning cars and a much more diverse layout than GCG with is standard wild mouse set up. Another orphan from a closed park, this coaster was re-located from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom where it was Road Runner Express. To Six Flags’ credit, they’re giving the pre-owned roller coaster a nice little makeover. The ride will have some nice theming touches, but as I said, it won’t be enclosed. Gotham City Gauntlet will be located near Scream Tower.

To see construction photos visit Six Flags New England’s Facebook page. Also, the ride’s theming can be see via concept images found in a Six Flags investors document. Local fans posted some photos here: SFNE Online

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Gotham City Gauntlet looks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Slightly enthused.
    More disappointed though.

    A saved coaster is always nice, but this just does not fill a need for this park.

    Since the sport field and skyshot is no longer there, this location would have been perfect for a New euro type coaster

    I know the park was borderline opening the year before, but it is safe to say things are looking up
    Been there 20+ times last year and the waterpark is awesome
    Been a fan of the park since 1974.
    Some simple changes can make this park even greater. Without need for the Road Runner Express coaster

    1. Have real hamburgers instead of salisbury steak
    Make Johnnu rockets a REAL Johnny Rockets
    Does anyone else realize the hamburgers are all the same in the park?
    Papa johns pizza is not the real deal
    Add some more food items.

    Run Thunderbolt backwards !!!
    It happened in the 80's and was awesome!!

    Bring back cinema 180, i bet no one remembers that.

    See you next month.

  2. Gotham City Gauntlet looks just like a normal wild mouse, with some theming that doesn't really fit its outdoor layout. I dont usually make it a priority to go on a wild mouse at a theme park, but the dark knight coaster was an exception. It being indoors for a wild mouse was unique plus its theming was great. I knew it was going to be a wild mouse from the construction photos. I think the dark knight is "fun", but not thrilling or the least bit intense. But at least it is different than other wild mouses.

  3. It has officially taken the title of longest name from Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge. No word as of yet as to how Nickelodeon Universe is taking this.

  4. My kids have been begging me to go to an amusement park for our next vacation, and begrudgingly I am considering it. The worst part is the trip there, and we don’t have any big parks near us in Colorado. Now I have a DISH Network Sling adapter connected to my DVR receiver so I can stream live or recorded TV to my iPhone. With our van’s entertainment system I can hook it up and the kids can watch HD. I’m hoping it prevents my son from lopping off his sisters head.

  5. Awful. I want to see what they are doing with the space occupied by Thomas Town. They are taring it out. The spot can easily fit a good size coaster.

  6. Another family attraction is not exactly what the park really needs, but it's better than nothing.

    • Well, they do have Bizzaro, so that's a garentee of thrillseekers coming to the park. However, I agree that the park already has to many rides of this sort.

  7. Worst ride in the park. Even my kids hate it.

  8. I really dislike the dark knight it is the worst coaster ever even the jr Gemini is better

  9. This ride was truly the worst. My younger sibling who is the age of 7 even disliked it. I had went on it with her and we both had out sides jammed into the cart on the turns. I would just do a little work on it. Try to make it less painful and more exciting. Overall the park was great and we had enjoyed our stay.


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