Skyrush to Fly Over Hersheypark in 2012

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Hersheypark’s New Skyrush Roller Coaster to Provide a One-of-a-Kind Ride in 2012
A 200-foot tall winged coaster called Skyrush will dominate Hersheypark’s skyline in 2012. The PA park’s 12th roller coaster will feature a hyper coaster-like layout with high speeds, banked curves, and airtime hills. Skyrush will also add an interesting twist to the genre via its winged cars. There will be two floored seats in the middle and then two floorless seats on the outsides of each train car. The two outer floorless seats will be winged or staggered a bit back from the center seats. The ride will begin with a speedy climb to the twenty story peak followed by a drop that will accelerate the trains to 75 mph.

Skyrush Roller Coaster - Hersheypark 2012 - Winged Seats

I definitely didn’t expect Skyrush to be a hyper coaster, but also feature these four-across seats. At first I thought that the trains might be similar to Intamin’s winged coaster Furius Baco at Port Aventura, but from the description and video they may be some new type of trains. I’d love to hear other’s thoughts, but Skyrush’s trains look pretty much like B&M’s newer hyper coaster trains except the outer seats will be floorless.  Regardless, it sounds like Skyrush will provide a unique experience.

Visit the official Hersheypark Skyrush coaster website.

Here’s a video showcasing past rides and hyping up Hersheypark’s 2012 roller coaster Skyrush:


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  1. Wow. I never saw this coming. This looks extremely unique. I am a little upset due to the fact that it's Hershey's third Intamin in a row, but only a little. I can't wait to be there on opening day!

  2. Can't wait to ride this! I hope that it will help cut the lines down for some of the other rides on busy days.

  3. I definitely didn't expect the winged outer seats. I 99.9% believed it would be a hyper, so i was right. But yeah hyper with winged seats did not see coming at all. Another unique feature is that the lift will bring the trains up the 200 foot hill in about 8 seconds. (200 ft divided by 26 fps= 7.6 sec) This ride looks so awesome and I cant wait to ride it next year!

  4. Hehe they used the program NoLimits

    • Most Companies use NoLimits. It's called NO LIMITS for a reason.

  5. Yeah I'm a little confused on this as well. I was also thinking Furious Baco but then I see the animation and it is different. Looks like a fun ride though and I'll definitely be making a trip next year to check it out. Intamin never disappoints me (so far).

  6. Not bad! Reminds me of a scaled-down version of Intimidator 305. Looks like the best HP can do with the space (or lack thereof) in the park. The winged seats are a nice touch. Look forward to riding it next year.

    • I agree. After watching the video and seeing the mentions of zero-gravity transitions I thought the same thing. A scaled down (meaning not so tall) I305 with four-across trains.

  7. Very cool combination of things I like: winged floorless seats, hyper layout with 5 airtime hills and sections over water. Sweet!

  8. I think it looks awesome! I'm also very excited to see what the 24 junior researchers are going to be up to.

  9. I'm either going out to Hershey or BGW next year. Hopefully BGW's coaster exceeds expectations.

  10. These new seats look awsome. I love how your feet hang on B&M hypers, and I'd love to have that floating feeling on an Intamin ride. The ride dosen't look all that long, but It looks like it'll have some great veiws.

  11. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed. While the ride does look to be intense, the length seems to be too short. Now while I'm all for not judging a book by its cover, on layout alone it doesn't seem to be that impressive (but on the flip side who thought Millennium Force would be a dud). My #1 and #2 rides and Bizarro at SFNE and El Toro, and the reason I have Bizarro at #1 is that every single time I ride El Toro, I'm like "darn it's over already?" Don't get me wrong though I'd take El Toro over my #3 Nitro any day, but its short ride time (in comparison to Bizarro) is its only flaw. A mile in length seems to be the sweet spot for a hyper. I've never ridden a mega-lite so I can't offer any insight about those rides but if they're any indication, size and length don't seem to matter much. Overall ride experience is what matters most, and I hope that the ride proves my first impression wrong.

  12. I don't mind a park adding coasters, but there comes a point where they got to ask themselves "Do we have enough space to not make the park look overly cluttered?" Coaster looks great though.

  13. The phantom is still faster!

  14. To me this looks like I 305 only shorter.

  15. Eh… Im actualy not all too impressed with this ride. I cant believe Im saying this, but they put like 3 intamin coasters in a row they need a newer experience like from a different company. Layout isnt all that great; the drop seems cool and so do the cars, but thats about it. Dont think itll be better than some of their other rides. Just saying

  16. An exciting development: ads showing what purport to be Skyrush cars seem to imply that those seats will only have lap restraints. Of course, there's a limit to how much you can conclude from a fanciful painting in an ad, but it's interesting……

  17. …also note, the track design in that ad bears no relation to the real track; the painting was probably based on old concept pictures we've already seen. So take any revelation about the trains with a grain of salt.

  18. I have a question coaster critic. Do you think this ride is only 200 feet because of the black outs that have been happening on the similar giga coaster intimidator 305?

    • No. I would have to guess that it's 200 feet tall because of Hersheypark's lack of space. It might've been really difficult to fit a giga in the park. From what I understand this park doesn't have tons of room to expand like some other parks do.

      Thanks for reading!

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