Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s New 2012 Roller Coaster – Superman Ultimate Flight

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Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Discovery KingdomSix Flags Discovery Kingdom (San Francisco Bay area) announced Superman Ultimate Flight as their 2012 roller coaster. Unlike Six Flags’ Superman Ultimate Flight flying roller coasters at other parks, Discovery Kingdom’s will be a launched roller coaster where riders will travel a short (863 foot), but twisted course. It will boast a top speed of 65 mph and one of the tallest inversions in the World at 150 feet in the air. Superman Ultimiate Flight is reminiscent of Magic Spring’s X Coaster, but unlike that ride it will be designed by Premier Rides.
Here’s a video previewing Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster:

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What’s Your Take?
I’ll be adding my take in the coming days, but what do you think of this new coaster for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. Six Flags apparentley decided to Announce Everything on One Day. They seem to have a lot to Announce.

    • Agreed.

  2. This ride definently looks… unique. But why is it called ultimate 'flight' when you're not even flying? You do a seated launch! I guess Six Flags didn't feel like being creative (again). Anyway, it does look pretty cool.

  3. While it does have a lot in common with the Skyloop coasters, this Superman also has lots in common with Kennywood's Sky Rocket (same designer, launch, cars, etc.)

  4. Would anyone else agree that the one element looks reminiscent of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit's double take?

    • Yeah i thought of rip ride rockit immediately when I saw that photo on the video(before you click start).

  5. It looks like a fun, small spaced ride. I hate impulse coasters and boomerangs, so this must be the best looking small space ride ever. It has the launch of the impulses, with the twists as well, and has inversions. Looks great. The only problem is the name! Six Flags needs to hire better people to create names. Superman Ultimate Flight are flying coaster clones, and in this one you arent flying! Six Flags is pathetic to name this the same thing, I mean it could be something like: "Superman: flight of fury" or something without "flight" in it like just plain old "Superman" or something.

  6. I'll give them points for doing something different. I enjoy the creativity of the layout, even if it is short. Could be a fun little coaster.

  7. Sounds to me like a good staple attraction for this park. While I personally would not really visit this particular six flags I think will attract lots more visitors. Maybe Id come to ride this it looks pretty cool. An improved version of the impulses by intamin

  8. wonder what the capacity would be like with 1 twelve passenger train with about 2 minutes of ride time.

  9. I totally thought this was a Maurer X-Coaster when I first saw it, but I think it's even better that it's a Premier. I was so impressed with Sky Rocket that I have high hopes for this, looks unique and fairly intense, definately a pleasant surprise when they announced it. Pandemonium for this is a more than fair trade.

  10. Yet another recycled Six Flags coaster name…. although this ride actually looks pretty awesome. Definitely was reminded of the "double take" on Rip Ride Rockit. And this ride definitely has a little "Storm Runner" action going on with that high altitude barrel roll. The video makes it seem like a slight brake before you drop after the barrel roll. It would be pretty extreme if it let you drop right into the loop.

  11. I like the looks of this one. Not sure how fast the line will move though. That may be the only downfall to it.

  12. This looks totally like a Maurer Ride. But the Maurer have the vertical LIM, which would have been far more interesting. This looks more like a Boomerang. Could also be that this is far less intense than Abismo for example.

  13. i hate that six flags insist on naming their rides that are different the exact same name. It makes talking about them so difficult. you always have to add "superman ultimate flight at discovery kingdom…noooo its not the flying coaster, its a launch coaster…yes i'm shure, most of the other ones are flying at other parks but this one is sitting and launching… yes i know what i'm talking about…awww forget it." lol. they could atleast change the names up just a little bit. like all the bizarro's now. floorless bizarro could have been…Bizarro's Revenge. and hyper coaster bizarro could have been Bizarro ultimate flight…. LOL

    • They may retheme one of the others like that. Over Georgia's Perhaps, or maybe Magic Mountain will retheme Tatsu (i hope not, we need more orange coasters).

  14. I'm kinda liking what BGW did with Verbolten……soo, I was hoping that SF would make a coaster kinda like that, based around the new Batman games. Most people like Batman more than Superman (because let's face it, Superman is the gayest name for a hero. Come on DC, at least Batman sounds awesome.) But also, the whole Superman thing is way overdone. Think about it; you can hardly go to any Six Flags park without seeing a Superman reference, but very few SF parks have Batman rides. I've only been to three parks, and only one of them had ANY Batman-related attractions (that would be Six Flags America). I think it's time to give Batman another shot, and keep Superman out of the Lazarus pits. Eh?

  15. I just rode this today, it was pretty good. While we were in line we noticed that none of the riders ever put their hands up. At the very top before the inversion the ride slows down A LOT, and you feel like you are there hanging upside-down for a good amount of time. This is when you realize there are no shoulder restraints, only a simple lap bar, no wonder there were no hands up, you feel you are holding on for dear life! Super fun ride once you are over that part. The wait time was really not bad at all, moved along rather quickly, and it was amusing watching the ride run all the time we were waiting in line.

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