Does Central Florida Have Room for Fun Spot’s Expansion?

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Florida Gets Some Much Needed Wood
Small Orlando amusement park, Fun Spot Action Park recently announced a major expansion. The $20 million expansion will come in two phases. According to the first phase will include a new parking lot, a Ferris wheel, a new entrance building, a skycoaster (I hate that these things have ‘coaster’ in their names), and a 65-foot tall GCI woodie. GCI Wooden Roller Coaster Coming to Fun Spot Action ParkIt looks to be a pretty pedestrian out-and-back coaster, but it’s coming to an area with very little wood. Currently, in a state packed with thrill rides and roller coasters the only wooden coasters are the junior woodie Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida and Busch Gardens Tampa’s disappointing dueler Gwazi. If the Fun Spot keeps their free admission-wrist band policy, I’d definitely pop in to ride it. Phase two of the expansion is to include a water park with some innovative slides, a 220-foot tall Windseeker, and a suspended family coaster (might be a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster).

Does Central Florida Have a Thrill Capacity?
With Universal Orlando just a few minutes away, I’m guessing that the park is hoping to fill a gap by offering a different kind of experience than the larger heavily-themed, but expensive parks in the area. Fun Spot boasts free admission and free parking and it’s largest current attraction appears to be it’s Go-Kart track. If I remember correctly, it’s near the proposed site for the Orlando Thrill Park. So, the idea of a smaller amusement park in this packed market has been considered before.  Maybe a park like this could attract more locals. I’d love to hear from people more familiar with Orlando who can chime in on whether they think a small park like this can flourish in this area. Vote in the poll below:

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Here’s a commercial showing some of the park’s attractions. Okay, it’s mainly just the go-kart track.

What’s Your Take?
How do you feel about Fun Spot’s expansion? Leave a comment below. Image via Park Rumors.

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  1. cute little GCI coaster!

  2. That actually looks like kind of a cool ride. Like a 1920s or 1930s PTC woodie, but with some modern touches.

  3. Gwazi? Disappointing? I thought it lived up to expectations, and some. I mean, how can you go wrong with a GCI wooden twister?

    • I was able to ride Gwazi this past march and I thought it was horrible. I'm just spoiled by coasters like El Toro and Intimidator I think! It was very rough for me though.


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