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Ready for the Rush? – Hersheypark’s Skyrush is Coming Together
Skyrush Roller Coaster - Hersheypark Hersheypark’s been busy buidling their 2012 roller coaster, Skyrush. Fans have been hoping for something this big to come to Hersheypark for years. This year they’ll get their wish in this 200-foot tall, 75 mph thrill ride. The first few images show what looks to be the lift hill/first drop and some brave construction workers nearly twenty stories above the ground.

The return of roller coaster showdowns, has made me wonder how Skyrush will measure up against comparable roller coasters. Will Intamin’s new 4-across trains and Skyrush’s layout boost Skyrush past some of the country’s other top hyper coasters like BizarroNitro, Diamondback, and Goliath?

The images below are from Hersheypark’s Facebook page and from long-time reader, Judy. She sent them in a while back when she visited the park last fall.

And here’s Skyrush’s layout. It doesn’t blow me away at first glance, but I think the environment, sitting in those exposed outer seats, and what you might be whizzing by, could make it quite exciting. I’m hoping that those airtime hills really deliver as airtime is the calling card of  hyper coasters. And, if the airtime is of the ejector variety and it rivals Bizarro, then Hersheypark might really have something in Skyrush. I will say, that it would have been nice to see a tunnel thrown in somewhere. You can’t go wrong with a roller coaster speeding through a dark tunnel and it could help the general public distinguish the ride the park’s other newer coasters (Storm Runner & Fahrenheit).

Skyrush - Hersheypark - Layout

Read more about Skyrush and check out Hersheypark’s Skyrush page.

What’s Your Take?

How do you think Skyrush will compare to other hyper coasters? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I agree about having a tunnel makes any ride much better.It just makes it feel like you are moving much faster when going through dark tunnels.Better yet the coaster could be making a maneuver through a tunnel like Hades does.

  2. I can't wait for this to open. I am hoping to get on Skyrush the day it opens or soon afterwards. (kind of hard with two young kids at home). It's always exciting to see a new coaster at my hometown park. Looks like a scaled-down version of Intimidator 305. I also hope the outer seats add some thrill to the ride.

  3. I'm trying to work out a trip that hits this up as well as Leviathan. I honestly can't decide which of the two look cooler to me and both should be great. The bottom of the first drop on this thing looks like it could make riding on the right wing seat pretty sweet with how close to the ground it comes.

    • I suppose this couldn't really be a roller coaster showdown, but I suppose I'll ask anyway. Gearhart here mentioned that he couldn't decide which looked cooler, Skyrush or Leviathan. Personally, I'm more hyped up about Leviathan, but what about everyone else? Which one are you more excited about?

      • Leviathan

      • Skyrush, simply because I personally have a much greater chance of visiting Hersheypark than Canada's Wonderland.

  4. The last time I visited Hersheypark, I wasn't able to get around to riding more than a fraction of the coasters I wanted to, and now there's yet another one…

    • The lines can get pretty brutal at Hersheypark. Usually the park isn't as crowded early in the summer (June), but after July 4 into August, it gets pretty crazy. I won't go anywhere near the park on the weekend.

      • Yeah–I went in the middle of the week, but it was in August, and Fahrenheit was still a good hour's wait. In hindsight, it was probably not the best choice, since it has an unusually low capacity for such a high-profile ride. (And my coastering time was limited by the need to look after my five-year-old, though we did ride the Trailblazer together.)

        My sister had taken her family on a weekday in June and said all the coasters were walk-ons or nearly so. I guess it's a matter of timing it right.

  5. It's been a while since Intamin has built a 4-abreast coaster, and with the outer seats hanging over the edge, I want one. I agree with you CC, it could use a tunnel. I wonder if an Intamin coaster upgrade in the future will exchange the trains for this style?

  6. I agree that it will be great for a showdown. Judging by how it looks so far, it can definently go up against any hypercoaster out there. Hopefully those outer seats will provide some near misses with the ground and trees. It really looks good, and lets hope the park won't get more crowded then it already is.

  7. Everything is better with a tunnel!

  8. I cannot wait for this ride! It looks awesome! I like the environment it is in and it will be the first ever intamin winged coaster and first ever winged hyper coaster! At first I thought the layout wasn't that impressive due to the lack of big hills, but I recently realized with the speed it has those smaller hills could get some awesome airtime. And some of those curving maneuvers look good too.

  9. My 8 year old son and husband went on yesterday and LOVED it! I was scared just watching the test dummys go round all day friday.


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