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California’s Great America Could Get a GCI Woodie in 2013
California’s Great America appears to be on track to get a much needed shot in the arm. Since plans to sell the park fell through, Cedar Fair is giving the it a renewed focus in hopes to turn the park around. On Theme Park Geekly, Matt recently recapped the park’s current off-season infrastructure improvements. And last month ScreamScape reported that old plans for a GCI wooden roller coaster may be revived for a new 2013 attraction. An archetectual review filed by the park with the city of Santa Clara, might have been the catalyst to this rumor.

California Great America's Rumored 2013 Wooden Coaster


Lance posted a few photos of the old plans for the ride. There’s been no confirmation that these exact plans will be used if the park does indeed build this coaster. I thought that it’s layout might be similar to other GCI’s designed around that time like American Thunder (formerly Evel Knievel) or Renegade at Valleyfair, but it isn’t.

My Take
I need a good excuse to get to the Bay Area’s theme parks. A new GCI woodie and Discovery Kingdom’s Superman Ultimate Flight are more than enough. In the past, I haven’t heard the greatest things about this park, but hopefully the new management, renewed focus, and its first new roller coaster in over a decade will spur a revival.

What’s Your Take?
Would a ride like this draw you to California’s Great America? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of ScreamScape.


  1. CGA is getting something this. Knotts is getting a Giga-Coaster according to rumors. I've Heard that Kings Island is Getting something Big. Cedar Point is getting something. We at Valleyfair! have been rumored since 2009–We NEED B&M!

    • In 2008 Canada's Wonderland got a hyper coaster, followed by Kings Island in 2009, and then by Carowinds in 2010, in 2012 Canada's Wonderland got a giga. That means that in 2013 Kings Island and in 2014 Carowinds will both get Giga coasters. Cool theory huh?

    • In 2008 Canada's Wonderland got a hyper coaster in Behemoth. In 2009 and 2010 Kings Island and Carowinds both got hyper coasters too (Diamondback and Intimidator). In 2012 Canada's Wonderland got a giga coaster (Leviathan). That means in 2013 Kings Island will be getting a giga coaster and in 2014 Carowinds will be getting one too. Cool theory huh?

  2. I have also heard the possibility of Knott's getting a Giga Coaster. But wouldn't a 300ft. roller coaster not be allowed by the city because it is so large and in a suburban area? I know that Alton Towers struggles with a similar issue.

    • Actually I am taking back what I said. I forgot that Windseeker is 300ft. I got confused about height restrictions for the park and the fact that they had to get a different lights package for the ride because of the suburban area. Sorry about the confusion.

  3. When I was in the area in 2010, I skipped the park (I did go to Discovery Kingfrom). With this big GCI, I wouldn't skip it next time, but they're in dire need of a hyper coaster if you aks me.

  4. I actually don't think it's a bad park overall. It has a solid collection of water rides, a good flat ride package, drop tower, dark ride, large kiddie area, nice atmosphere, and even a (small) waterpark. It just happens the biggest hole in the lineup is a fairly large one for coaster enthusiasts. Flight Deck was always fantastic, but it's too bad the two other decent coasters (Stealth and Invertigo) were both moved elsewhere. With this awesome looking woodie as well as maybe a new major steel coaster and the park will be good once again.

    • meant to say simulator, not dark ride. Although I think a good dark ride would fit the park nicely.

  5. This looks really cool. And I'll have to agree that this is nothing like American Thunder at my home park. I might be going out on a limb saying that American Thunder is compact, but this looks like a coaster with a more large, spacious layout. Can't wait to here if this rumor is confirmed!

    • Oh, and on a side note, everyone should really change their avatars, the 8-bit pixel graphics look pretty ugly. (no offense)

      • Yeah, how do you change them? (Not that I don't like my brown and pink avatar).

        • Check out that box up there to the right of the first comment titled "Want a Comment Avatar". You just go to and sent one up there.

          • Yeah, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

      • No offense taken. Here are the types of avatars I can pick from right now: avatar options. Anyone like any of those better? If you go to like Piedude it'll override those choices, but you can see what my options are.

        I might look into creating my own default set with avatars of different coasters, but for now I went with the old school video game-looking avatars because they kind of go with the new logo for the site. My wife said the logo reminded her of an old Atari game. I'm liking the retro look.

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  6. California's Great America is an amazing park. It has a forceful B&M Invert and an amazing flat ride collection (Delirium & Drop Tower being the best). Also, CGA doesn't have long lines like SFDK.

    • The park has no lines cause it has gone downhill. they have ripped out many rides. Invertigo, Triple Wheel, Triple Play, Yankee Clipper, Lobster, Tidal Wave, and Stealth. Back in the Paramount domain of the park, lines were like 1 to 3 hours long, The park is trashed, no themeing, on rides guests can see the tore-up dump of their service/employee backstage. I want this park to succeed but for what we want not the pockets of the CEO's

  7. This crazy, yet beautiful GCI is exactly what this park needs for it to draw crowds. Besides Flight Deck, CGA has a very weak coaster lineup. Hopefully these rumors are true.

  8. I think that CGA needs a new ride, but not a wooden ride.Wooden rides are shaky,bumpy,and can give you wiplash. Some parks need to spice it up, but not this one. I think they should go for something more steel or originial.I know barely anyone would ride something like a wooden RC.

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