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Hersheypark Skyrush Roller Coaster

Hersheypark’s been putting its new roller coaster, Skyrush, through the paces. Sporting Intamin’s new 4-across seating and floorless outer seats, Skyrush can be seen zooming through its yellow track in these two videos.

Skyrush’s First Test Run: A Keystone Milestone

The first video is described as Skyrush’s first ever test run, but I’m not sure how enthusiasts would know that unless they’ve literally camped out right outside of Hersheypark for days…. Which come to think of it, isn’t that unlikely for us geeks. Okay, so it’s probably the first test run like the videos says.

Here’s a video of Skyrush testing at Hersheypark courtesy of All American Thrills.

Skyrush’s Second Test Run: G-Forces & OMG’s

The more entertaining of the two videos is the one below which is allegedly the second ever test run. I much prefer this video with its numerous “OMGs” from the videographers. There’s also a bit of drama when at the 1:08 mark something falls off of the train. I’m guessing that hill produces some real airtime! At least it didn’t appear to be one of the dummy’s limbs like in the wacky publicity stunt Thorpe Park did promoting The Swarm.

The filmers probably fall into the general public (GP) category. At one point someone says that the U.F.O. (unidentified falling object) was: “probably loose screws”. Let’s hope Skyrush will be designed better than that. Here’s a video of Hersheypark’s Skyrush second test run. You can skip to 1:00 as that’s when it crests the lift hill.:

Posted at 2:40 PM on May 2nd. Shouldn’t those kids be in class?

Skyrush looks a lot more interesting to me than it did in its first animation video. The trees and terrain look like they may add a lot, especially for outer-seat riders. Hersheypark may have a great ride on their hands. We’ll see soon as Skyrush is scheduled to open May 26th.

For more, check out Hersheypark’s official Skyrush page. Also read more about my take on the ride when it was announced: Skyrush to Fly Over Hersheypark

How do you think Skyrush looks? Can you count the OMG’s or guess the age of the filmers in the second video. Leave a comment below.

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  1. This looks like it sustains its speed really well throughout. And youre right- that hill must produce serious airtime.

  2. This looks like Mini-I305 and it will BE the most celebrated new coaster of 2012. That or Leviathon I guess 😉

    • What about Verbolten?

      • I think Verbolten looks great and will be a great coaster. Hopefully I'll get a chance to ride both next month. As far as Enthusiasts go I think Skyrush and Leviathon seem to be more intense experiences with probably more airtime and extreme g forces whereas it seems Verbolten is being considered a family coaster. Of course that isn't a bad thing. In fact I heard a lot of disappointment about Cheetah Hunt and I loved it. Personally as long as the ride is not rough and has some kind of enjoyable experience (i.e. speed, height, negative g's, themeing) I'm a pretty happy camper. In fact with most modern coasters (Intamin and B&M's) I am hardly ever disappointed.

  3. Skyrush looks amazing! It looks like it is time for me to final plan a trip to Hersheypark.

  4. Skyrush had a media day! Human beings have ridden it! And didn't die!

    The reports of -2g on the airtime hills actually had me a little worried; if it were more than instantaneous, that would cause redout. But it sounds like people just complain that the restraints are a little rough on their thighs.

    • Thanks Matt! I'll have a post up about it soon. Manta at SeaWorld San Diego opened this weekend too.

  5. Speaking of media day, here is what the local papers in Lancaster and Harrisburg had to say about Skyrush.

    Keep in mind, these are journalists, not enthusiasts, and it seems like the guy from Lancaster has never ridden a coaster before, let alone any of the ones in Hersheypark.

  6. Love your blog!

    Anyway, a bit of old news now, but just want to say I've been on Skyrush and you guys are all right, the airtime is EXTREME.

    -2G according to Wiki and I've felt nothing like it.

    People take it lightly because it doesn't do much and isnt so big, but then they realize what it feels like to ride a small coaster at 75mph!

    The airtime feels like you WILL fly out and the quick flicks fling you out of the car. Intense


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