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Another Caged Beast Appears | Worlds of Fun’s 2009 Coaster
Cedar Fair continues the onslaught of boxed beasts. First there was the Diamondback teaser, then the new Carowinds coaster, and now a box has been delivered to Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, MO). This time the park has produced several YouTube videos allowing fans to watch the drama unfold. What drama? Well, the unnamed beast has an insatiable appetite. According to the Worlds of Fun blog, they’re “losing interns left and right.” Here’s a video of a faux-press conference with the International Wildlife Organization:

Word on the Web is that this will be a new Great Coasters International wooden coaster. GCI is responsible for such popular coasters as Dollywood’s Thunderhead, SF St. Louis’ Evel Kneivel, and Hersheypark’s Lightning Racer. ScreamScape has already received a hint from the park that the new name will be that of a ‘powerful cat’. In the video, the signal goes out just as they mention what type of animal is in the crate. But from its habit of eating interns we know that it’s ‘man eating’. The only other hint that came out of the press conference is that the animal is ‘very rare’. I just hope that the name is somewhat original. Obviously lions and tigers come to mind, but by themselves neither of them sound like a great name for a roller coaster.

Prowler - Worlds of Fun Roller CoasterUPDATE 8/18 – During Coaster Mayhem on August 16th, Worlds of Fun announced that the name of the new coaster will be ‘Prowler’. They didn’t give any further details on the specs of the ride or even what type of coaster it will be. Most think it will be a GCI wooden coaster. The official announcement will be on September 1st. Stay tuned. Thanks to the anonymous reader who scooped this. Photo Credit: CoasterCommunity

What type of roller coaster do you think Prowler at Worlds of Fun will be? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Puma… all the way.

  2. I like 'Puma' but Clementon just changed the name of their woodie to Puma this year. I'm not sure if Carowinds can use that name.Good idea though.

  3. Was at the park on Saturday for Coaster Mayhem. They announced the name as Prowler.

  4. Well on the virtual video of this ride, it looks fast. Thats all that i can say…its fast. A little bit of air time here and there but speed. This ride looks like its going to be a good one.


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