Six Flags New England Announces Goliath for 2012

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Six Flags New England Announces Goliath Roller Coaster for 2012
Goliath is Coming to Six Flags New England in 2012 Roller CoasterSix Flags New England will debut its 11th roller coaster in 2012 with Goliath. The ride will be a large inverted shuttle coaster where guests will ride the coaster’s 1204-foot steel track both forward and backward.

Goliath joins the park’s other roller coasters which include: Bizarro (largely considered the best steel coaster in the World), Pandemonium, Batman – The Dark Knight, Cyclone, and 2010’s Gotham City Gauntlet. Goliath was formerly Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Here’s a video previewing Six Flags New England’s Goliath:

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What’s Your Take?
I’ll be adding my take in the coming days, but what do you think of Goliath? Leave a comment below and vote in my first impression poll. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. Was that Kingda Ka? Why Goliath? Bizarro is at least 30' taller.

  2. Wow six flags named another thing goliath! They are so uncreative. Bizarro is taller, and this thing is not that tall at all! They should've kept Deja Vu as the name, that was a cool name. And yeah in the video when they said "go backwards" it was kingda ka they were showing. As for the coaster, looks like something I would ride because of the vertical lifts.

  3. I can't believe Six Flags would use footage from a different ride like that. And seriously. Goliath?!? They already have a hyper coaster named Goliath. I also agree with Matt. Deja Vu was a way cooler name.

  4. At least I can still ride Aftershock at Silverwood for my GIB fix without traveling across the country, gonna miss Deja Vu. I actually enjoy GIB's but I hate the new name, doesn't fit.

  5. I dont understand these poll takers! Have any of you ridden Deja Vu !!? Its pretty rough and most coasters that have been relocated are even rougher than before im glad that deja vu is leaving makes room for something in 2013 and beyond!

  6. I actually liked Deja Vu. Yeah, the Cobra Roll is a bit rough, but the vertical drop on it makes the ride worth it. The height and vertical drop make GIBs much more thrilling than your typical Boomerang. But really… another Goliath? Six Flags is KILLING me with their names.

  7. Six Flags New england is my home park,and while i should not be complaininig. its wierd that a park with a boomarang is getting anotherone. if you no the landscape of the park they are acftaully puttinig them one right in front of another. Pleas sfne stop witht he recycled rides and give just one new coaster.

  8. Why Goliath though, come on Six Flags!

  9. DejaVu is a very fun ride actually so if they can get it to operate properly then I think it will be sweet. I think itll be a pretty good addition to the park so I give kudos for SFGA. +2 🙂

  10. Im happy to have a GIB back on the east coast that i can get to more easily! i missed De ja vu from SFOG! but….that new name sucks! 1st the name a "batman" B&M invert in texas Goliath, now their GIB. They should have just kept De ja Vu. That was one of the coolest coaster names out there! and it made complete sense of the ride!

  11. Have sfne. This ride was broken 80% of my trips to sfga

  12. Yay a bigger Flashback…This Six flags always gets new coasters, but since Superman nothing impressive has gone into this park so I'm not surprised they'd repeat their ride. At least its a real roller coaster, two of their latest roller coaster additions have been fancy wild mouse rides.

  13. If they are going to reuse names for coasters, would it at least kill them to try and make the logos look different

  14. I live locally here in Springfield and it's a GREAT ride…. But still nothing can ever beat Bizarro/Superman.

    If you are going the other the park for this – the lines are crazy so try to hit early am or on a slightly Rainy Day.


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